California State Tax, Governor’s Office, Energy, EPA and Controller officials rigged the game to benefit their campaign financiers while sabotaging their competitors.

Silicon Valley campaign billionaires ordered Sacramento officials and Dianne Feinstein to “be their bitches” and exclusively give Tesla, Solyndra and their stock market holdings, hundreds of millions of dollars of exclusive taxpayer give-aways, while sabotaging their competitors.

In this document, Controller Bill Locker provided an exclusive tax waiver to campaign financier Elon Musk, and his partners, yet refused to provide the same exclusive crony kick-back to any of Musk’s or John Doerr’s competitors, in order to provide monopolistic market windows for those campaign financiers:




Competitors who requested the same benefits were rebuffed, stone-walled, and obfuscated in order to exclusively benefit Silicon Valley campaign financiers!

Tesla Motors lied in it’s government funding application, had the worst debt-ratio credit metrics, missed every proposed deadline, violated the section 136 law and was in pre-bankruptcy. In spite of over one hundred red flags and violations, Tesla Motors was still handed the taxpayer funds with almost no credible review. Could this have had anything to do with the fact that Tesla’s business, and political, partners had themselves put in charge, exclusively, of that taxpayer money?

Elon Musk, and his Silicon Valley campaign financing billionaire partners, received the largest government crony kick-back awards in American history: